Producer offers minor update on the status of Wonder Woman 3

It’s never too early to start discussing the next film in a series, and that is what’s happening with Wonder Woman 3.

Time has certainly passed differently in the time of COVID, and it’s hard to believe that Wonder Woman 1984 came out just under seven months ago. Patty Jenkins is currently tied up working on Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, but that doesn’t mean some early work can’t also be happening as well.

Charles Roven, a producer on both Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, as well as other DC films, has said that is exactly what is happening. Speaking with in support of The Suicide Squad, Roven spoke briefly about Wonder Woman 3.

“We’re starting to put something together,” Roven said while speaking about the status of Wonder Woman 3. “We’re moving in a direction. It’s definitely something we’re going to want to realize.”

Up to now, the only information that has been shared was Jenkins commenting the next film would be set in the modern-day. Beyond that there hasn’t been any indication of who the villain might be. We’ll just have to wait and see what Jenkins and her crew have in store for us.

No word as of yet on a potential Wonder Woman 3 release date.