“Batman: The Long Halloween” continues this October in a new one-shot special

It is one of the most acclaimed Batman stories of all time, listed alongside classics such as Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns as essential reading.

Both self-contained and a pseudo-continuation of Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s origin story, Batman: The Long Halloween is perhaps the crowning achievement atop the already impressive list if collaborations between writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale.  Spawning a sequel, influencing practically every Batman story since its publication in 1996, and most recently getting a two-part animated adaptation, The Long Halloween has become a staple in Batman’s history.

This October, the mystery of the Holiday Killer deepens as Loeb and Sale reunite for Batman: The Long Halloween Special.  Joined by letterer Richard Starkings and colorist Brennan Wagner, Loeb and Sale will deliver an all-new, 48-page story that carries on the tradition of The Long Halloween, Haunted Knight, and other Halloween specials, with a story that may very well change the entire outcome of the classic maxiseries.  Story details are scarce, but really, it’s more Loeb and Sale on Batman.  That’ll move plenty of units right there.

More details as we hear them here at Batman News.  You can read more at the DC blog here.

Batman: The Long Halloween Special will hit comic shops and digital retailers on October 12.

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