Tweeterhead announces Scarecrow statue

Tweeterhead - Scarecrow Statue - Featured - 01

Tweeterhead is back with a new Scarecrow maquette that celebrates the master of fear.

The Scarecrow maquette is up for preorder now for $475 for the collector’s edition, and $495 for the exclusive version.

Tweeterhead Presents the new Scarecrow 1:6 Scale Maquette! The self-proclaimed “MASTER OF FEAR!” himself! BOO!!!

The Scarecrow Maquette measures roughly 20” tall, 15” wide and 13” deep when fully assembled – from the bottom of base to the tippy-top of the Scythe handle, to the furthest out tips of those Crows wings and things. This fully sculpted polyresin statue comes with Scarecrow holding a mean-looking Scythe, creeping atop a section of Arkham Asylum engulfed in fear toxin.

The “Standard Edition” comes with two distinctive portraits – A “Classic” style portrait inspired by his first appearance, and a more “Modern” age portrait inspired by his appearance in Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: The Animated Series.

The “Exclusive Edition” comes with an additional left hand holding a fear toxin canister. With this Exclusive part there are 4 different ways you can display your Scarecrow Maquette!

The “Exclusive Edition” will have a limited Edition Size of 250. “Standard Edition” is TBD.

Both Editions of the Scarecrow Maquette will retail for $475 USD, and are ready for Pre-Order on Thursday, July 22nd, at 9am PDT. If you purchase through Tweeterhead and pay in full, you’ll receive $25 off.

Artist Credits: Tom Jilesen (Design), Jon Rasmussen (Design), Andrew Huerta (Design), David Igo (Design), Amilcar Fong (Design & Sculpt), ​​Ariel Mora Remis (Sculpt), Igor Catto (Sculpt), Eric O’Neill (Paint)