McFarlane Toys takes over the DC Direct brand and products

McFarlane Toys x Dc Direct - Announcement - 01

Just when it looked as though the DC Direct line was done for good, McFarlane Toys has stepped in with a major announcement.

Nearly a year ago, DC announced that it would be closing its DC Direct product division. Since then, the final products have been making their way into collector’s hands. But now it looks as though there is still some life to be found in the brand.

McFarlane Toys announced on Tuesday that it will be taking over the DC Direct brand. New statues, busts, and figures will be produced beginning in 2022. For now, the toy company will take over all of the items currently in production as well as distribution.

The announcement specifically named that we will see continuations of some of the most popular lines including DC Designer Series, Batman Black & White, and Harley Quinn Red, White & Black.

No word as of yet as to when we will see images for the first products produced under this new arrangement.