Acclaimed artist Jock puts Batman through “One Dark Knight” in an upcoming Black Label miniseries

Jock is no stranger to the world of Gotham.  Besides being the penciler for books like Batman: The Black Mirror— still widely considered to be one of Dick Grayson’s finest outings as Batman– and the super creepy The Batman Who Laughs miniseries, Jock is a regular contributor of variant covers for various DC titles, Batman and otherwise.

This December, he’ll be pulling double duty as he writes and illustrates a brand new, three-issue miniseries for the Black Label imprint.  Batman: One Dark Knight will be a prestige-format series that sees Batman escorting a prisoner across Gotham City… all while a surprise citywide blackout has occurred.  It’s one of those ideas that’s so simple yet enticing, because you can draw lots of drama and action out of the concept.  Jock himself promises “a propulsive, tight action tale,” so that’s reason enough to get excited.

Besides the pedigree of Jock himself as writer and artist for both interiors and covers, the series will boast a “blackout” variant from Lee Garbett.  Garbett is on my list of “artists who could illustrate everything from now ok and I’d be okay with that,” alongside names like Doc Shaner, Nick Derington, Lee Weeks, and Chris Samnee, so that’s pretty cool too.

You can learn more about the series and see some of Jock’s interiors here, at the DC blog.

Batman: One Dark Knight #1 will hit comic shops and digital retailers on December 7.