Netflix shows off first looks at Lucifer season 6

Netflix has revealed over 50 Lucifer season 6 photos that show off the end of the series.

Most of the photos are definitely not a spoiler in nature, but there is something unexpected at the very end. Since Netflix released the photo officially, we’re not one to argue with it, but do be warned.

Lucifer, loosely based on the Neil Gaiman version of the character, ran for three seasons on the Fox network before it was canceled. Netflix moved in and picked up the series for season 4 and a planned fifth and final season. But, as they were in production on season 5 it was decided they would go for one more. Everyone involved swears this is the end, and we tend to believe them as you can only pull that so many times before your fans would get fed up.

Lucifer season 6 will debut on Sept. 10, 2021 on Netflix.