Queen Studios announces 1/4 scale Batman Who Laughs

Queen Studios has announced its upcoming Batman Who Laughs statue that will set you back a goodly amount.

The new Batman Who Laughs statue is 1/4 scale and will measure about 26-inches tall. It is limited to 500 copies and will sell for $1,885. Delivery is expected in Dec. 2022.

About the Character

The Batman Who Laughs depicts Bruce Wayne from the Dark Multiverse. As an exact copy of the Gotham’s Caped Crusader, his story follows a similar path, but the ending couldn’t be more different.

After becoming the Batman to bring justice to his City, the Dark Knight breaks his only rule and kills the Joker. Upon killing his iconic foe, he’s exposed to chemicals that gradually turn him into a hybrid of both Batman and the Joker. Once the transformation is complete, he recruits his son and other children as his “Rabid Robins” as he decends into madness to become, the Batman Who Laughs!


About the Statue

This 1/4 Batman Who Laughs statue is a reimagination of the corrupted Batman, sat upon his throne in the dark multiverse flanked by the “Rabid Robins”. The statue is expertly crafted out polystone and is painted and textured to the finest degree of detail.

Our team have included a replacement head sculpt which replaces the smiling Batman Who Laughs with a more sinister grinning option. The base is modelled after the Batman Who Laugh’s throne which he sits on in the Dark Multiverse. This statue is as a counterpart to our 1/4 scale Batman on Throne statue.