Batman spinoff series working title set to be “Arkham”

The new The Batman spinoff series has a working title that has definitely caught our attention.

According to a new report from The Illuminerdi, the upcoming spinoff of The Batman will be using the working title of “Arkham.” As all Batman fans know, Arkham Asylum is the institution that the majority of Batman’s foes end up receiving mental help.

Normally working titles seem very random for the project they are associated with, but this one is intriguing in its specificity. We know that the series is supposed to focus on the Gotham City Police Department in the year or so leading up to the events of The Batman, but we’re now curious if Arkham Asylum may play a larger part in the story.

As we stated, working titles are usually random, and this could mean absolutely nothing, but it grabbed our attention. In Batman lore, the Asylum has been around far longer than Batman, but this could play into the age-old debate if Batman created his foes or if they helped create him.

No release date has been announced for the Gotham PD series as of yet. Peacemaker is set to debut in Jan. 2022 having just been introduced in The Suicide Squad, so it appears we should expect a bit of a gap between the films and their spinoffs.