James Tynion IV announces departure from Batman after issue #117

James Tynion IV, the current writer of DC’s flagship Batman title, has announced he is leaving the series after issue #117. Tynion, who also confirmed he will leave The Joker with issue #14, has already set up several creator owned books, which he will publish on Substack.

Per Tynion’s newsletter, after his runs on Batman and The Joker are over, he has “no immediate plans to write any other superhero comics in the near future.” Tynion’s first creator owned book to be published at Substack is the UFO oriented Blue Book, with art by Michael Avon Oeming and letters by Aditya Bidikar.

Despite his desire to focus on creator owned work, Tynion clarified that he still has a “good relationship” with DC and that he’s “not ruling out limited run projects and stuff in the future.”