Superstar comics creators Tom Taylor and Yasmine Putri go DnD on the DCU in the 12-issue series “Dark Knights of Steel”

Superheroes are cool.  I mean, Superman?  Batman?  Black Lightning?  Wonder Woman?  Awesome.

You know what else is cool?

Medieval fantasy.  All of it is cool.  Swords and sorcery, knights, castles, and dragons?  Especially dragons.

And do you know who is cool?  Tom Taylor and Yasmine Putri.  One of comics’ best writers and artists, respectively.

So mix together your favorite heroes, medieval high fantasy, and two great creators, and what do you get?  Dark Knights of Steel, an upcoming twelve-issue maxiseries that sounds absolutely and utterly– you guessed it– cool.

Speaking exclusively with Entertainment Weekly, Taylor has said that he’s spent the past two years crafting this story, which transplants the familiar characters of the DC Universe into a world that’s more akin to Middle-earth or the Randlands than the Gotham City and Metropolis that we’re familiar with.  Frankly, it sounds like it takes just as much influence from Dungeons & Dragons as it does the DC Universe.  Even still, the series has tons of familiar characters, and the action kicks off when a rocket from another world crash lands in this new locale…

Check out a first look at the series in the gallery below, which includes covers from Putri, Joshua Middleton, and Wayne Reynolds, as well as some of Putri’s lush interiors.

For more information, including details from the creative team, check out the exclusive announcement over at Entertainment Weekly.

Dark Knights of Steel #1 does not have a release date yet, but stay tuned for more information as we hear it here at Batman News.