The Flash set photos show off some new character additions

The Flash 2022 - New Suit - DC FanDome - 01

New The Flash set photos have shown off some characters that will be appearing in the film that have yet to be announced.

Filming on The Flash continues in the U.K., and it has now moved on to a new location for filming of some scenes set in Central City.

Be warned of potential spoilers from this point forward.

Filming for The Flash has moved to Senate House which has been turned into the “Central City Research Center” complete with city vehicles and a news van outside.

Also spotted around the set were trailers for some characters that had yet to be announced such as “David Singh” who is Barry’s boss in the comics.

As well as Ed Wade, Patty, and Albert.

There is a possibility that Patty is “Patty Spivot” and Albert would be “Albert Desmond,” both of whom work on the CCPD forensic team with Barry. Albert would later go on to become Doctor Alchemy.

Filming on The Flash is rumored to continue through at least part of September.

The Flash is set to hit theaters on Nov. 4, 2022.