Topps announces exclusive Black Adam and Shazam Mego figures

Mego - Topps - Black Adam and Shazam - Featured - 01

The Topps trading card company has launched a program to celebrate pop culture through the decades by releasing exclusive Mego figures. Two of the first ones announced are 8-inch figures of Black Adam and Shazam.

Topps shared some info on the characters and their figures.

With his mighty powers Black Adam will be conquering the Megoverse for the very first time! Mego is beyond excited to present The World’s Greatest Mego Villains Black Adam action figure!

When he speaks the magic word of “SHAZAM” he is transformed into the Mighty Adam! “Feel the strength of the gods!” Corrupted by his newly found power, the Mighty Adam is banished from Earth. The mighty Wizard renames his wayward champion – “BLACK ADAM!”!

Black Adam has returned! Can he defeat the Mighty Shazam and rule the Earth once more?? Now you can play out this epic battle with the all-new 8” Black Adam action figure! Black Adam comes with comic book accurate detail and sculpting! “No hero can best me … I will crush you!”

And on to Shazam.

With the power of a mystical thunderbolt Shazam strikes his way back into the Megoverse! Mego proudly presents The World’s Greatest Mego Heroes 8” Shazam action figure!

A boy is chosen by an ancient Wizard to be the champion of good. Billy Batson, by speaking the magic word “SHAZAM!” transforms himself into the World’s Mightiest Mortal – possessing the power of the six ancient heroes – Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury!

Mego, studying the ancient texts from The Rock of Eternity, is supercharging its classic style to bring you the all-new 8” Shazam action figure! Shazam comes with comic book accurate detail and sculpting! Can the Big Red Cheese defeat the Monster Society of Evil?? You decide – “SHAZAM!”

Black Adam and Shazam are both up for sale now through Aug. 23, 2021. Each figure sells for $19.99 and there is a limit of two per figure, per customer.