Misha Green reportedly writing on Jurnee Smollett Black Canary project (UPDATED)

Courtesy Warner Bros.

UPDATE: The project has officially been confirmed to be in early development with Misha Green confirmed to be writing and Jurnee Smollett returning as Black Canary.


According to a new report, we may yet be seeing more of Jurnee Smollett as Black Canary in the future.

Cinelinx is reporting that Smollett is in line for some form of Black Canary project at HBO Max. While one source is saying it’s a series, another is saying a movie, but both agree that something is in the works for the songstress superhero.

The report goes on to say that Misha Green, who created Lovecraft Country for HBO, will be writing the script for the project.

There’s no word as of yet if any of the other characters from Birds of Prey may appear in the film. The Suicide Squad didn’t address the events of what Harley had been up to since the last film – beyond a brief mention of the action that landed her back in prison – so the canvas is wide open for what could occur.

With DC FanDome approaching in Oct., we would imagine if this project is real that we will see an official announcement at that event. For now, we recommend a grain of salt, but it does seem like a likely candidate for an HBO Max project.