Joshua Williamson replaces James Tynion on Batman this December


When James Tynion recently announced that he would be stepping away from Batman to pursue a new contract with Substack, the comic industry was shocked. The moment that news was announced, fans and journalists began to question and speculate who would fill Tynion’s shoes. Well, we got that answer today: Joshua Williamson and Jorge Molina.

Williamson took to Twitter to announce that he would be taking over writing duties on Batman this December with issue #118. Jorge Molina will be joining him in the creator seat as the artist for the book, as the two take Bruce Wayne out of Gotham and on a new adventure. Keeping with the current trend, Williamson will be introducing a new character into the mix, Abyss, who appears to be the main antagonist for this arc. Williamson also went on to say that he will be respecting the groundwork that James Tynion has laid, praised and hyped up Molina’s craft, then teased another title that he will be dropping in the near future.

There currently isn’t an official press release from DC Comics, so for full details, check out Williamson’s tweets provided below.

It definitely appears as though we’re getting a Batman & Robin book in the near future, right?

What do you think about the news? Are you excited to see Williamson and Molina take over Batman? Do you think their stint will be permanent or temporary?

Does Abyss look like an interesting character, or just an amalgamation of Ghost-Maker, Phantasm, and a Talon?

And what is going on with Jorge Jimenez considering he recently announced he would continue working on Batman? Sound off below in the comments and share your thoughts!