Depositphotos - Leslie Grace - Jean_Nelson
Depositphotos - Leslie Grace - Jean_Nelson

Taking on any superhero role is always a challenge for an actor, but it appears that Leslie Grace is mentally prepared to get ready to be Batgirl.

Grace made her film debut in the recent In The Heights, and taking on the role of Barbara Gordon will only be her second role. But she sounds as though she’s already digging in and trying to get to the heart of Batgirl.

Speaking with ETOnline, Grace said of winning the role, “It’s a blessing. I’m so excited about the character. I’m excited to nerd out with all of the comics. I’ve already been doing so much research on it and I’m excited to learn how to kick some butt, too, because your girl, she’s going to have to get rough and tough to be Miss Barbara Gordon. So, I cannot wait.”

As to what she has learned so far, Grace said, “Just in the bit of research that I’ve been doing leading into pre-production, I’ve learned a lot of things about Barbara that are very in line with me. She’s someone who’s been underestimated by even her own dad and being the youngest kid, sometimes you’re insulated from all of the tough stuff of life and she’s so eager to prove to herself and to everybody else that there’s some things that she can handle.” She went on to add, ” So, this journey is definitely going to show me a lot of that. I feel like I’m on an endless journey of proving to myself what barriers I can break, what limits I can break for myself and I’m excited to put a little bit of that eagerness and drive and, like, almost a bit of stubbornness into Barbara’s character.”

Location scouting and prep work is underway in Glasgow, Scotland which will again double as Gotham City. No word as of yet as to an exact release date for Batgirl, but it will debut on HBO Max.

IMAGE SOURCE: Depositphotos – Leslie Grace – Jean_Nelson