Lucifer Season 6 Review – All Devils Go to Heaven

Lucifer season 6 sees the series come to an end, but was it worth the wait? We’re diving in with our Lucifer season 6 review to find out.

Lucifer, loosely based on the Neil Gaiman version of the character, ran for three seasons on the Fox network before canceling it. Netflix moved in and picked up the series for season 4 and a planned fifth and final season. But, as they were in production on season 5 it was decided they would go for one more. Everyone involved swears this is the end, and we tend to believe them as you can only pull that so many times before your fans would get fed up.

Was adding a season worth it? In short, yes and no.

When season 5 drew to a close, Lucifer Morningstar had won the Angel War and the right to succeed his Father and become the new God. In typical Lucifer fashion, however, he finds reason after reason why he can’t ascend to the throne quite yet.

As Lucifer tries to work through his problems, a new angel arrives on Earth – Rory (Brianna Hildebrand) –  complicates his life. When both he and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) don’t know who she is, they know something isn’t right, and they will have to set about learning who exactly she is.

Lucifer Season 6 Review

Beyond the mystery of Rory, however, the police procedural aspect of the series takes a definite backseat in this last set of episodes. While there is a bit of police work in the early episodes, the nature of the mysteries changes as the season progresses. The problem solving becomes far more personal to each member of Team Lucifer. From Chloe (Lauren German) trying to figure out her place in the world now that she has retired from the LAPD, to Linda (Rachael Harris) trying to figure out where your career goes after serving as the therapist to so many celestial beings.

We, of course, won’t spoil for anyone where all of the various storylines end up, but about the only person you don’t get a firm idea of where they are in life at the end of the series is Trixie (Scarlett Estevez), but otherwise, you have a solid idea of how their lives turn out.

Will Lucifer season 6 win any new fans to the series? It seems highly unlikely. But will it satisfy the long-term fans? As someone who has watched it from the start, I walked away satisfied, and that is all you really can ask for from a show.

Lucifer season 6 will debut on Sept. 10, 2021 on Netflix.

Netflix provided Batman News with all 10 episodes of Lucifer season 6 for the purposes of this review. We completed viewing all of the episodes before beginning this review.