Challenge of the Super Sons #6 review

The Super Sons have had their hands full, dealing with Vandal Savage in the past and present and working to foil their quest to take out the Justice League. Slowly but surely they’ve stopped each of the traps set for the Justice League, and all that’s left is to figure out just how their adventures both past and present wrap up.

I’m excited to see the story move back into the format of just focusing on one time period through the whole issue. This one’s focused solely on wrapping up the part of the story that takes place in the past, and I found it to be quite a bit of fun. I’ve harped on this a few times, but I do really prefer the issues where we’re just focused on one part of the story, it makes the whole thing feel more cohesive, and really gives readers plenty to enjoy in each issue.

The narrative opens up right on the heels of the previous one, this time with Felix’s narration as he and Savage go after the Super Sons and Rora. From there, the story moves back to the kids and we start to get some key information regarding how they’ll get back to the present, and regarding magic paper. The whole issue bounces between the villains and their plans and the kids as the narrative grows closer and closer to Jon and Damian’s inevitable escape. This back and forth works really well for me, as it keeps the focus on all the important characters, and provides nice breaks in the narrative between action so we can get more exposition.

It also helps break up my previous issues with there being a lack of tension in this part of the story. While as a reader I still know the kids will eventually get back to the future, the push and pull of Jon and Damian or Rora getting the upper-hand versus Savage and Faust doing so keeps the tension high here. Plus, there are other characters that do end up in danger, such as Rora’s troll friends, whose outcome we don’t know of in the present. Altogether it makes it a solid read as we learn just how the boys make it back to the present.

Speaking of how things turn out, this issue focuses a lot on giving us answers. More than just showing how the boys get back to the present, the rest of the pieces of the Doom Scroll puzzle come together here as well. We learn a little more about Felix’s curse, the truth behind the scroll itself, why the boys have an opportunity to rescue the heroes targeted by the curse, and some of the reasoning behind the rules. Normally I’d say the more you explain magic and time travel the better the chances are of creating plot holes, but here it works. We’ve already seen most of the story, so the explanations don’t contradict what we’ve seen previously. And it’s nice to know some of these nitty gritty details.

The humor is high in this issue as well. One of the true joys of Super Sons is just how much humor these tales hold. Some of it is a bit juvenile, like Jon drinking troll urine, but other moments had me laughing out loud. My favorite was Rora telling both Damian and Jon that she’s sure they’re not good listeners, and both boys proceeding to argue that point. Not only does it make the story as a whole a lot of fun to read, but it’s also great humor for the younger age range the book is marketed to.

I also briefly want to touch on Rora herself. More than any of the other issues, except perhaps the latter half of the last, she really comes into her own here. She is determined, smart, and having none of Damian and Jon’s antics. I have really enjoyed seeing her confidence grow through the series, and I feel like it all comes to a head here as she works to help the boys escape and find her own freedom from her situation. With only one issue to go, I’ll miss seeing her fighting by Jon and Damian’s side after this is all over.

Evan Stanley’s art is very cute throughout, it fits the tone of Super Sons really well balancing the humor and more serious portions well. Even though it is cute, Stanley also does an excellent job detailing out the more serious and action filled scenes as well. A great example is the opening pages of the issue, where Savage is defeating the forest’s troll guardians. Here Stanley doesn’t shy away from showing some more violent scenes like a troll being smashed by a rock –it’s still art appropriate for a younger audience, but it equally does a great job really showing the danger of the situation.

The issue wraps up in a place that is both back at the start of the story, with the boys jumping back into the present. It’s high energy and perfect to lead into the last issue. Plus, with this issue all the questions of the past have been answered, leaving us with a final one: how will the whole thing wrap up at last? I for one cannot wait to find out.

Recommended If

  • You’ve been eager to see how the Super Sons escape the past
  • Magic and time travel shenanigans are still something you enjoy
  • I say this every week, but it’s delightful and that’s reason enough to read it


It was wonderful to see the past portion of the story wrap up this week. The way it’s done is both fun and clever, and keeps the energy high going into the next issue. Jon and Damian’s antics are always wonderful to read, and Rora really comes into her own this issue making her an excellent character to play off the other two. Overall, the answers we get here leading into the final issue are good, and leave me excited to see how the whole thing wraps up next month.

Score: 8/10

DISCLAIMER: DC Comics provided Batman News with a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review.