Alan Ritchson discusses his departure from Titans

Finding out you’re being written out of a TV series is never easy for an actor, but Alan Ritchson does seem to be very much taking in stride when it comes to Titans.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Ritchson discussed the decision for the character of Hawk to leave the series. “The decision was made for me, and it was for the best.” Ritchson said, adding, “[In] season 2, the cast was enormous. You can only spend so much time servicing those characters before you start to almost forget, “Where was that storyline? Oh, yeah. They’re over there in Wyoming or wherever, Montana on a ranch. I forgot about them.” And you don’t really want that. You want to keep people invested in the characters you love most, in the storylines you love most, and it’s really gone that way. And I know HBO really encouraged that as the show evolved from [airing on] DC Universe to HBO Max. And I think it’s really for the best. I think it’s got a bright future on the path that it’s on.”

Ritchson also shared that the producers asked if he would ever return if they called, and he confirmed he would. “Would I return to Titans? Yes. Do I feel like I found closure and peace? Absolutely,” said the actor.

If you ever thought the introduction of Hawk & Dove was a bit off in season 1, it turns out there was a reason for that. “My initial deal was for two episodes, and I had a separate deal for a Hawk and Dove spin-off,” said the actor. “And when we shot those two episodes, they really enjoyed us as Titans and invited us to join more episodes in the back half of the first season. And I said, “Of course, but if we do that probably means we’re going to be enmeshed in this group, and there will probably not be a Hawk and Dove show.” And of course everybody’s like, “No, everybody loves Hawk and Dove. There’s going to be a spin-off.” I was like, “All right. We’ll see.””

Perhaps the spinoff could still happen some day as there was a lot of the crime-fighting duo’s history to be filled in.

Ritchson will next be seen in a Jack Reacher series for Amazon Prime Video.