Batman: Wayne Family Adventures live-action adaptation in limbo

batman - wayne family adventures logo - featured

It seems that the live-action Batman: Wayne Family Adventures adaptation that arrived with some fanfare was a bit premature.

Last week an announcement video was released for a live-action version of the Webtoon series, Batman: Wayne Family Adventures. Ismahawk Studios was the group behind the upcoming series, and a trailer was scheduled to be released on Oct. 11 and the series would be live a few days later.

Since that time, Ismahawk has erased all mentions of the project from its social media accounts and deleted the teaser video that it had released. Collider reached out to the company for clarification. The company said the project was “not an official live-action adaptation of the Batman: Wayne Family Adventures webcomic, and was not announced by DC or WEBTOON. The video was intended to be a short-form series created by Ismahawk, inspired by the webcomic.”

While the release seemed official in the way it was handled, it does appear this was a case of a fan film that garnered a bit too much attention. If we’ll ever see it eventually released is anyone’s guess at this time. For now, it seems the project will be locked away.