Batgirl movie will reportedly feature the “Real Batman”

DC Comics

Batgirl directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah are opening up a bit more about their film, and they are promising that some form of Batman will appear in the movie.

Despite actor Leslie Grace having previously said her Batgirl film would not have an appearance by Batman, the directors are saying otherwise. Speaking with VRTNWS, the directors confirmed that Batman will appear in the film, but would not clarify which actor will be portraying him. They did say, however, that it would be the “real Batman.”

The exact release date of the Batgirl movie is still unknown, but with The Flash coming out on Nov. 4, 2022, there is a possibility of some changes as to who will be under the cowl. There have been numerous rumors that Michael Keaton will have a more prominent role as Batman following that film. And while Ben Affleck will also appear in The Flash, the actor has said he is moving on from Batman.

And to add yet another layer of complication to all of this is the rumor J.K. Simmons will be playing Commissioner Gordon, which would seem to imply Affleck’s Batman is the version we’ll see.

It should be noted that the VRTNWS interview was produced in Dutch, and while autotranslations are helpful, they are far from perfect. There will always be room for some doubt with translations, but we feel that all of this information is pretty accurate.

In a bit of more explicit news, the directing duo did confirm that the Batgirl costume will take inspiration from the “Burnside” version of the character.

There will be a Batgirl presentation during DC FanDome on Saturday, so we’ll hopefully get some clarification, but we wouldn’t count on it quite yet.

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