Pennyworth moving to HBO Max for season 3

Pennyworth - Season 2 - BMN - Featured - 02

It’s time to dive back into the early days in the life of Alfred Pennyworth as Pennyworth has been renewed for season 3.

During DC FanDome on Saturday, Jack Bannon (Alfred Pennyworth) and Ben Aldridge (Thomas Wayne) revealed some major news for Pennyworth. Not only has the series been renewed for season 3, but it is already filming and it will become an HBO Max Original from this point forward. The first two seasons were shown on Epix in the U.S., and those episodes will be available on HBO Max in early 2022.

Bannon also shared that the new episodes will pick up five years after the end of season 2, so we imagine quite a lot will have changed in the lives of Alfred Pennyworth, Thomas Wayne, and Martha Kane.

We’ve been fans of the series so far and can’t wait to see where it goes. We admit to having some doubts if the series could work when it was first announced, but it ended up being a fun action series that just happens to be connected to Batman at some point in the future.

No word yet on when Pennyworth season 3 will debut on HBO Max.