Y the Last Man - Official Image - Season 1 - 01

After a multi-year journey to some form of a live-action adaptation, Y: The Last Man won’t be getting a season two on FX on Hulu.

While season 1 of Y: The Last Man has yet to conclude, showrunner Eliza Clark made the announcement on Sunday night saying, “We have learned that we will not be moving forward with FX on Hulu for Season 2 od Y: The Last Man. I have never in my life been more committed to a story, and there is much left to tell.”

Actor Amber Tamblyn added, “Y: The Last Man will not get a second season on FX and while I’m disappointed, I know this extraordinary show that has so much to say, and that says it so well, will find a great new home soon. Looking forward to the next chapter.” She went on to add, “If you’re with me, let the world know. #YLivesOn”

The series was originally tapped to be a film by New Line, but comic creator Brian K. Vaughn got the rights back eventually. FX then optioned the story and began development on it in 2015. Michael Green and Aida Croal were in charge of the series up until their departure in 2019 over creative differences with the network. Clark has been with the project since that time.

Clark has confirmed that the plan is to try to find a new home for the series. With its DC roots, the natural conclusion would be for it to move to HBO Max. Another option would be Netflix with its recent runs on Lucifer and Sweet Tooth, it has shown a willingness to work with Warner Bros. on various DC properties.

No timeline has been announcer for a final announcement about finding a new outlet for the series.