RWBY/Justice League #7 review

Team RWBY and the Justice League have come together to battle Starro. Their goal: to free their friends, the others being controlled, and the world. In this final issue how will they win the day? Let’s see.

I have to say it, I was so disappointed by this series. My hopes were high starting out, and while it didn’t knock things out of the park at the start, it was at least fun. Unfortunately, the series never really got better. In fact, I grew more and more frustrated with it as each issue came out. That is no different here. Once again, it’s not terrible or really offensive, it’s just meandering. Which is a problem after a series that has meandered.

The issue opens up revealing a stunned Starro and the characters washed up on the beach, also somewhat stunned. And it’s no surprise after Clark and Bruce literally dropped a building full of dust on Starro –and the battlefield. It would seem like the battle should be finished at this point, but it continues for roughly half the issue. This is mostly due to the fact that Starro’s control over people fades slowly.

There are two notable moments of the fight. The first is when Barry and Bruce run off to protect Barry’s family. Barry has seen them in danger from Jessica’s visions she gave them all last issue. Though, it’s unclear as to how he knows that it was the truth and not a scary vision. It also doesn’t tell us how Bruce figured out that the last people freed of Starro’s influence are the first ones it grabbed. It kind of feels like this moment was put in to give us a little more exposition and to drag the fighting out a little longer since Starro’s basically done at this point.

The second is when team Ruby and JNPR face off again. Since they’re still under Starro’s control Ruby has to face off with them again. Only, this time the narrative points out just how hard it is for Ruby to battle her friends. It touched on this last issue, but here it lingers in it having Ruby worry about fitting in or freeing her friends. And that line really feels odd for a number of reasons. I don’t understand how battling mind controlled friends would suddenly make you a social pariah. If anything the members of team JNPR would totally understand why Ruby had to fight them. Secondly, she really shouldn’t have to beat them, just hold out long enough for Starro’s control to fade. Others on the beach have already gone back to normal, so even Ruby should be fairly confident they’ll be fine too. It feels like artificial emotions tossed in at the end as a reminder that Ruby and the members of JNPR are good buddies. Which isn’t earned really at all since the series hasn’t put very much focus on them at all. We’ve had a few moments of RWBY worrying over their friends, but the book relies heavily on you being aware of their past connection from the show. Which, if you’ve come to this story as a Justice League fan you’re not going to know. So it makes this moment that wants to be emotional feel hollow instead. Which is disappointing because it is just the kind of thing that could have worked well.

Once the fight is over the story busies itself with wrapping up the tale. It establishes the Justice League on Remnant, along with setting up a watchtower, and shows off how everyone is doing post battle, plus a little later. Some of the elements show that there is so much more to this world we didn’t get to see, like when Bruce sets up a home for orphans. There are comments made in this scene about illicit testing and what happened with Clark. While those are elements the story touched on, they were once again never really highlighted enough for the emotional beats the story wants us to feel to resonate. I like that it feels like the world is bigger and wider than the bite we got to see, but I also feel like the narrative could have spent a little more time showing us some of those elements.

That’s probably my biggest problem with this whole series. It had a lot of potential, a lot of little tiny plot threads that could have been explored in different ways, and there was so much opportunity to make those emotional beats work. But instead of that, it focused on introducing new characters with each issue and spreading the mystery out paper thin. Not just main characters either, but whole groups and families. It made itself a little too big in a story with a big cast when it only had seven issues to tell it’s tale, and I think because of that it missed a lot of opportunities to tell a well rounded story that had strong emotional beats.

Meghan Hetrick’s art is consistent with the rest of the series, but there are some really fun stand out moments I wanted to talk about. The first is some cool paneling done while Barry and Bruce are racing to help rescue Barry’s family. We get to see his lightning from running break through the panels, it spreads outside them and over the lines in a fun way.

The second moment is the big fight scene between Starro and the group. The colors by Hi-Fi are bright and clear, and Starro looks great standing above the whole crowd with it’s eye flashing, and waves crashing against its legs.

As disappointed as I am with the issue and some of what it does, I do think it at least wraps things up well. I like the fact that the issue gives us a formed Justice League, and that it did give the story enough time to feel like it properly wrapped up instead of rushing it. It’s not quite enough to win me over on the whole series, but I think for the story it tells it does wrap things up nicely.

Recommended If

  • You really wanted to finish this series
  • A team up between the JL and RWBY is still appealing
  • You want a lighter story that doesn’t make you think too much


This issue was pretty evenly split between finishing up the fight against Starro and then wrapping the whole story up. While I don’t feel like it landed it’s emotional beats, it did establish the Justice League in Remnant and tie up it’s loose plot threads. By the end it does feel like the start of something new. And while it wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be, I’m sure there are those who will find it a fun overall journey.

Score: 5/10

DISCLAIMER: DC Comics provided Batman News with a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review.