Batman: Reptilian #5 review

It’s the Dynamic Duo—that is, Batman and Killer Croc—against the deadly rampaging reptilian! Who will win? Can Batman and Croc escape with lives—and loins—in tact? Find out, in Batman: Reptilian #5!

What else is there to say?

Judging by the comments on my reviews for this series, you either really like this book, or you really don’t. I’m not going to change your mind one way or the other. But then, it isn’t my job to change your mind—it’s my job to tell you whether or not I like the book, and do my best to explain why. That won’t be a gratifying experience for someone who feels differently, but for the potential reader cruising these reviews in a few months, trying to decide if they want to pick up the trade? It is my hope that my reviews will help them make their own decision—either because they resonate with the things that grate against me, or because they decide that my negative observations won’t be issues for them, and they pick the book up anyway.

It rambles

…in which Batman, in a condescending tone, alternates between telling Croc to mother or make bang-bang with their adversary.

That’s pretty much what I’m going to remember about this issue—and maybe the entire story. There are some moments of structural tension—mostly involving the reptilian pursuing would be victims/mothers/lovers—but the greater portion of the story is dedicated to Batman being annoyingly encyclopedic. If you’ve been digging Sharp’s painted art—and I know some of you have been—this probably won’t matter too much, because there’s plenty to look at while Bats lobs knowledge grenades at Croc’s thick skull. If, like me, the art isn’t working for you, well, the issue is probably going to feel long.

Flashes of great(ish)ness

It’s not all a wash. There’s a bit of technological Bat-humor that made me smile, and some truly Bat-worthy heroism towards the end, but they aren’t enough to bring this one over the line for me. And, really, that’s the story of this series for me—isolated moments of greatness obfuscated by authorial overconfidence and (what I would consider) Liam Sharp’s weakest—and, unfortunately, as of late, favorite—context. I wish I liked it more—I sure wanted to like it more, but at this point, I’ll just be glad to put it behind me.

Recommended if…

  • You’ve enjoyed the series so far


This is issue #5 of a 6-issue series. If you’ve enjoyed Reptilian so far, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this. If you haven’t, you won’t. It’s really that simple.

SCORE: 4/10

DISCLAIMER: Batman News received an advance review copy of this book.