Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia teases possible future DC projects

It seems that Dwayne Johnson and Hiram Garcia have a lot of plans for DC following the release of Black Adam.

Dwayne Jonson and Hiram Garcia attended the premiere of Red Notice on Wednesday night, and both men had some thoughts on the future of their Seven Bucks Productions and DC films. It definitely sounds as though Black Adam won’t be the end of the line for them.

“When we do something like this, we’re looking at the entire DC Universe as a whole because with our movie, not only do we introduce Black Adam, but we introduce several characters,” Garcia told Variety. “We have great ambitions and plans for what we want to do in the DC Universe, and we’re starting to work on that now as we start to roll out that plan.”

One possible event could be seeing Black Adam face-off with Wonder Woman. “We gotta see them together somehow, so we’re working on it,” Garcia added. “Wonder Woman and Black Adam sharing the screen would be pretty awesome, and I honestly feel like Wonder Woman is one of the few superheroes that can go toe-to-toe with Black Adam.”  Seeing as Johnson starred with Gal Gadot in Red Notice, it feels safe to say even very casual conversations may have occurred.

Johnson confirmed as much to Variety, even suggesting they talked with Ryan Reynolds about Marvel. “I turned to Ryan [Reynolds] and Gal [Gadot] and I said there should be a cross over,” said Johnson. “We can be the ones to possibly make it happen. We’ll see what happens.”

While we have faith Johnson and Garcia can make another DC project happen, we’re not going to be holding our breath too hard for a potential Marvel & DC film to happen any time soon.

Black Adam is scheduled to hit theaters on July 29, 2022.