Tweeterhead announces a new Flash statue

Tweeterhead - The Flash - Statue - Featured - 01

Tweeterhead is back with a new statue of The Flash which will come in two different paint jobs.

The new status is 1/6 scale and comes in both a standard, muted paint edition, and an exclusive edition with a brighter color palette. Both statues sell for $449 with delivery expected in the third quarter of 2022.

Tweeterhead Presents The Flash 1:6 Scale Maquette! One of our favorite speedsters, Barry Allen, the Fastest Man Alive!

This fully sculpted polyresin statue comes with the Flash heroically sliding into frame surrounded by his speed-force after a battle with two of his most notorious foes – Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang!

The “Exclusive Edition” Flash comes in a more classic bright red and yellow color palette.

Each Edition comes with only the one figure, no additional swap-out figure.

We hope the community understands that the price increase on this piece is due to many factors out of our control, the biggest being the shipping container shortage which has resulted in significantly higher costs of getting this product out of our factories, as well as the rising costs of production and materials overseas.

The “Exclusive Edition” will have a limited Edition Size of 400. “Standard Edition” is TBD.