Batman Gift Guide 2021

The Batman News team is back again with another list of Batman merchandise to consider this holiday season. This time we have some things from The Batman, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, The Batman Audio Adventures (it’s great and you should listen to it), and even a few deep, deep dives that likely haven’t blipped on your Batfan’s radar but we can guarantee they will LOVE because this is one of the only gift guides you’ll find that’s created by Batman fans FOR Batman fans. So let’s get to it! Here is your specially curated list of goodies. We’ve even gone ahead and organized it by price…


Hot Wheels Batmobile – THE BATMAN ($.99 cents)

There’s not a whole lot of merch out there for THE BATMAN just yet, but Hot Wheels’ Batmobile is not only available now, it’s been out on store shelves for months!


Single Issue Comics ($3.99 and up)

Single issue comics are excellent for new and old fans alike. Want to read the latest stories? Head over to our comic reviews section to find out what’s worth your hard-earned dollar before you contact your local comic shop (I personally recommend the Batman: The Audio Adventures 80-Page Giant). Or you could make your gift extra special and treat someone to a first-printing of a classic comic– there are plenty of options at your local comic shop or you can scour through the dark depths of eBay. Swamp Thing #7 from 1973 marks the first time Batman vanished as soon as  Gordon turned his back. Not a lot of people know that, though, so it’s still quite affordable. You’re welcome, that’s the sort of cool stuff you’d hear about if you checked out our comic reviews, by the way.


Murder at Wayne Manor: An Interactive Batman Mystery ($7.49)

Do you have a friend or loved one who just can’t get enough of mysteries? How about interactive reading experiences? Well Batman: Murder at Wayne Manor is just the book to pick up this holiday season. When a decades-old corpse is dug up on the grounds of the manor, it’s up to Batman to figure out just who they are and what happened. Join him by following hints in the story and examining clues like a party invitation or newspaper clippings, and see if you can figure out who’s behind it all first! 


DC Universe Infinite ($7.99/month)

DC Universe Infinite - Logo - Featured

If they’re not a collector but still an avid reader, the smartest option for you to gift your Batfan is a subscription to DC Universe Infinite. This service will give them access to over 25,000 comics and graphic novels from DC, Vertigo, DC Black Label, and Milestone Media– all of which can be read digitally on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. It’s an incredible value for anyone who loves to read comics. I mean, just look at the listing above this: $3.99+ for one new physical comic book or $7.99/month for any DC comic that’s older than 6 months. Well… Anything except Paul Dini & Alex Ross’ Batman: War on Crime, which WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH DC? Why is this out of print AND unavailable digitally? It makes no sense. One of the best Batman comics of all-time…


The Suicide Squad Blu-ray  ($18.00)

Not everybody has an HBOMax subscription, and in our opinion it’s always better to own your own physical copy of any movie you love, anyway. The streaming landscape is constantly changing, so it’s best to have your own copy that nobody can take away from you than it is to cross your fingers that what you want to see is still “free.” And, come on, The Suicide Squad is everything we wanted a Suicide Squad movie to be so… why wouldn’t you want it? So get your DC fan a genuine physical disc that’s always on their shelf and at the ready any time they want to chill out with King Shark and the gang. At the time we’re writing this, the Blu-ray is $18 but it’s fluctuating from sale to sale. It might be $23 by the time you look at it. Which is still worth it. 


Tubbz Ducks ($18.99)

Looking for something they definitely won’t expect? How about a cosplaying rubber duck? These look great, and I admit I own a Ryo Hazuki duck. It’s great (and also the only piece of Shenmue merch I’ve ever seen in the wild). The only drawback to this gift is that the ducks are for display only. I would know, my Ryo Hazuki duck did not fare well on its maiden voyage…

Available from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

McFarlane DC Multiverse Action Figures ($19.99)

McFarlane have been killing it with their DC lines, with figures based on the classic Batman television series, movies like The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey (no, were not typing out the full title), comics like Three Jokers, the Injustice video games, and, well, just comics in general.  Treat yourself or a loved one (and yourself) to any of McFarlane’s offerings, because you’re bound to find something for everyone to love.

Available from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Vintage Toys ($20.00+)

Wanna get nuts? Come on, let’s get nuts! Go out to your local toy shop or peruse the wares of eBay and find something mint-in-box that your giftee wished for but never received when they were still circling their dream toys in the Sears catalog. Think 1992’s Kenner Batman Returns Batcave Command Center. That’s what we’re talking about, that would be neat. Or look at the photo I’ve attached above: the Batman News team bought me a BATMAN: MASK of THE PHANTASM action figure that spoiled the end of the movie for any child walking down the toy aisle between 1993-1994. And the packaging even features artwork of The Phantasm using some kind of electric gun. Fantastic.


Insight Editions Gotham City Cocktails book ($22.49)

Batman is generally depicted as a teetotaler, but that doesn’t mean he can’t inspire some tasty cocktails and dishes.  Insight Editions have had quite a few cookbooks and other recipe books based on various pop culture properties, and Gotham City Cocktails has some particularly inspired selections.  Whether you go for the Burnsider, Heart of Ice, Blüdhaven, the Commissioner, Utility Belt, or the Roman, you’re sure to have a tasty tonic that pays tribute to Batman’s home of Gotham City.  Really, though, it’s the recipes for Alfred’s Proper Cucumber Sandwiches and the Manor Mulligatawny soup that make it worth the book alone, so you can enjoy Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne’s respective favorite meals right alongside your heroes.

Available from Amazon.

The Suicide Squad – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP ($25.00)

If the album cover wasn’t enough to convince you, simply look at this track list curated by writer/director James Gunn himself:


  1. “Folsom Prison Blues (Live at Folsom State Prison, Folsom, CA – January 1968)” – Johnny Cash
  2. “People Who Died” – The Jim Carroll Band
  3. “Sucker’s Prayer” – The Decemberists
  4. “Samba Na Sola” – Céu
  5. “Whistle For The Choir” – The Fratellis
  6. “Point of Know Return” – Kansas
  7. “Sola” – Jessie Reyez
  8. “Just A Gigolo / I Ain’t Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares For Me) – Medley” – Louis Prima


  1. “Can’t Sleep” – K.Flay
  2. “Quem Tem Joga (feat. Gloria Groove & Karol Conka)” – Drik Barbosa
  3. “Rain” – grandson & Jessie Reyez
  4. “Hey” – Pixies
  5. “So Busted” – Culture Abuse
  6. “Oh No!!!” – grandson


DC Shop T-Shirts ($25.00)

If Hot Wheels cars aren’t your giftee’s bag, but they’re still overly-hyped for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, you can always get them an exclusive DC Shop shirt featuring poster artwork or stills from the upcoming movie.


Batman: Year One 4K Blu-ray – Commemorative Edition ($25.99)

4K picture and a new bonus featurette make it worth getting Batman: Year One, again. And if your giftee hasn’t even seen this movie before, even better! Also, if you want to tweet at us with a video of your special someone’s “Is that Brian Cranston?!” realization, go right ahead. Oh! And this 4K Blu-ray has fallen to $19.99 once or twice in the past month, just so you know.


Basic Fun! Tiny TV ($26.99)

Only available at Wal-Mart, the Tiny TV is exactly what it says it is. The itty-bitty television includes a teensie remote control that allows you to play brief but carefully selected scenes from the classic Adam West TV series. It’s basically the perfect random-as-heck thing to have in your office.


Catwoman Movie Collectible Statue by Cryptozoic ($29.99) 

Looking for a meow-velous statue to pick up for that friend who can’t get enough of BATMAN RETURNS? Or just know someone who loves Michelle Pfeiffer? Then we highly recommend you pick up this statue of Catwoman! Sturdy, gorgeous, and filled with little details, she’ll be the highlight of any display and shine on any shelf. We particularly appreciate the Shreck Department store base!


Cameos ($30.00+)

Ideal for the easily star-struck, gives you the chance to commission famous folks to create personalized messages for you or someone you know. When it comes to Bat-people, you can contact talent from a wide range of Batman media. How about one of the worst movie moms of all-time, Diane Louise Sallinger (Penguin’s Mother from BATMAN RETURNS)? Renowned comic artist Greg Capullo? There’s also Joe Chill and Commissioner Loeb from BATMAN BEGINS. Robert Wuhl (Alexander Knox, BATMAN) is a steal at $67 bucks and, of course, Kevin Conroy himself is available, but he ain’t cheap. If you’re lucky, Val Kilmer might even be available (he isn’t as of the writing of this article) when you browse Cameo’s latest offerings.


The Joker and Batman Minico ($32.99/each)

Inspired by Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, these hand-painted PVC figures from Iron Studios make a fabulous addition to any Bat-fan’s setup. Their designs are playful yet feature a staggering level of film-accurate detail for a lively look that radiates character. We love displaying Ledger’s Joker and Bale’s Dark Knight together as, just like in the movie, they complement one another beautifully. You can get these plus more from the Iron Studios website. They have Knightmare Batman, Batman 89, and more!


DC Deck Building Game: Dark Knights Metal ($44.99)

Whether you’re a die hard Dark Knights Metal fan and can’t get enough of The Batman Who Laughs, or just a fan of deck builders wanting to mix it up a bit, Cryptozoic’s newest deck builder is the perfect card game to pick up this holiday season. Cryptozoic’s deck builders are easy to learn and addicting to play and their Dark Knights Metal version is no different! With added features like The Batman Who Laughs attacking players through the game, this both sticks to the traditional mechanics and amps it up in a whole new way.

Available from Amazon.

Superman: The Animated Series Blu-ray ($49.96)

Having recently rewatched the entire Superman animated series (and ranked every episode), we can confirm that it holds up very well as a strong representation of the Man of Steel’s mythos.  With a stunning new transfer for Blu-Ray, it also looks and sounds better than it ever has, so whether you’re watching it again or for the first time it will be a treat.  And really, fifty bucks for great Superman (and some Batman) content, including a ton of special features?  That’s a steal.

Available from Amazon.

Batman Scentsy Warmer + Justice League wax melts ($79.50)

Ever wondered what justice smells like? Wonder no longer with this Batman Scentsy Warmer + Justice League wax melts. The fresh scent of the melts will fill your home with a wonderful aroma, and Batman’s brooding figure looks stunning against the backdrop of Gotham lit from within. From his pensive look as he surveys Gotham, to the very gargoyle he sits on, the details on this warmer are incredible. And did we mention it smells really good? 


Poison Ivy Couture de Force ($80.00)

Last year we had nothing but positive things to say about the Harley Quinn and Catwoman figurines from Enesco’s Couture de Force line, so of course we’re excited for the newly-released Poison Ivy. This glamorous incarnation of Ms. Isley features ornate carvings, hand-painted details, and a faux gemstone earring. 

Available from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 7XLP ($200.00)

Nearly 4-hours of Junkie XL goodness, preserved on the best format an audiophile could ask for, and packaged in eye-catching Justice is Gray style, this 7-piece soundtrack set from Mondo and WaterTower Music is the creme de la creme of Snydercut memorabilia. Especially if your special someone is one of the many stalwart fans who fought long and hard for Zack Snyder’s epic to see the light of day.


Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series Gaming Chair – Dark Knight Edition ($529.00)

For the fan who dreams of creating their own Batcomputer-level setup there’s the Secretlab Titan Evo Gaming Chair. This top-of-the-line chair features hybrid leatherette upholstery in grey and black with a bat symbol on the front and back that reminds us of the logo seen in the Arkham games. And look at all these features (we hid them behind spoiler tags because there’s just so many):



Sounds mighty impressive! And, judging by the photos, it looks comfortable enough for lengthy spans in front of the keyboard. Plus the upholstery is so easy to clean that you might not even need a butler to stand by while you solve crimes anymore. If you want a more in-depth look at the chair (but styled after a more colorful hero), we recently reviewed The Flash edition of the chair, which you can check out here. Oh, and just because we know you’re curious after cycling through the gallery above, yes, there’s a matching Batman desk available for pre-order right now! 


The Scarecrow Premium Format Figure by Sideshow ($605.00)

It’s about time Scarecrow started getting some attention from the collectible-makers out there. And the fact that it has a fear toxin-induced hallucination of Jason Todd rising from the dead sculpted right into it is just… too beautiful for words. You can get this statue from Sideshow while supplies last.


Sengoku Joker from Batman Ninja – Deluxe Edition ($1,499.00)

We will never stop praising BATMAN NINJA around here. This movie is bonkers. Absolutely bonkers. If you want to chill with a Batman movie that doesn’t take itself seriously, you reach for this or BATMAN vs. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, my friend. And the artwork, which inspired this gorgeous (and quite large) statue, is phenomenal. So even if you can’t afford this marvelous piece of polystone, treat your giftee to the blu-ray of the movie that made it possible.


Tumbler Mine Strip used in BATMAN BEGINS ($2,495.00)

The Holiday Gift Guide just isn’t complete without one truly out-there, obscenely expensive gift idea that we doubt anybody is going to actually buy (but we want to mention it anyway just for fun). Last year we did a diamond-encrusted painting, but this year? This year we’ve got a movie prop from the major motion picture BATMAN BEGINS… No, not that one. No, not that one, either. Look, we’re sure it wasn’t even in the top 20 “props from BATMAN BEGINS” that crossed your mind: it’s one of the mines that the Tumbler dropped when it was being chased by the GCPD. I know what you’re thinking, IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM! But alas, it’s available at right now awaiting some lucky fan’s private collection.


Special thanks to Jay Yaws & Matina Newsom for contributing to this gift guide. 

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