Brian Michael Bendis working on Legion of Super Heroes animated series

Legion of Superheroes - Brian Michael Bendis - 01

The Legion of Super Heroes are on their way to HBO Max as a new animated series.

Brian Michael Bendis announced on his substack that he is working on a new animated series of Legion of Super Heroes for HBO Max. Bendis shares that during a meeting with HBO Max he was asked if there was any DC property he would like to tackle for them. “I may have yelled the word LEGION louder than you want to in a normal adult person business meeting,” shared Bendis.

According to the writer, Legion is a very long ways off from airing on HBO Max, so don’t expect to see it in the near future. As of right now it is based on the recent run on the characters by Bendis and Ryan Sook. It was also shared that while animated it will be written with an adult audience in mind.

Considering the size of the Legion, if this goes well, who knows how many potential spinoffs we could see. But it definitely feels like the time has come to give the team another try at a television run. The last animated series ended in 2008, and it’s time to see some flight rings again.