Prime 1 Studio announces Batman Batcave Black Version statue

Prime 1 Studio has announced a variant of a previous Batman statue, with this one entitled Batman Batcave Black Version.

The newly redecorated statue is based on Batman:Hush and stands 35-inches tall. The base has LEDs in it for lighting effects, and it will include four portraits as well as three stands to display the ones not in use.

The statue will sell for $1,369 and is avaialble for puchase now.

Prime 1 Studio is pleased to announce the latest addition to our Museum Masterline Series: The 1:3 Scale MMDCBH-05BL: Batman Batcave Black Version from Batman: Hush!

In this atmospheric, 35-inch-tall statue, Batman, surrounded by his familiars, glides past a computer console to emerge from the darkness of the Batcave! This best-selling, seminal work from Prime 1 Studio is now available in a Black and Gray version, as Batman is often portrayed.

Our dedicated artists have created Batman’s iconic look, inspired by Jim Lee’s phenomenal work on the Batman: Hush storyline. This statue comes with all the pieces of the Blue and Gray version: four (4) different, swappable heads, three (3) unique, swappable left hands, LED Illumination, and the intricately detailed Batcave-themed base.

Fans of Batman: Hush and Jim Lee art will want to snap this up as soon as it goes live…So do not delay!


  • Limited Quantity Available
  • Batcave-themed base
  • Three (3) Head Stands Bust
  • Four (4) Swappable Head Parts (Normal, Bruce Wayne, Clenched Jaw, Smirk)
  • Three (3) Swappable Left Hand Parts (Grappling Hook, Batarang, Gripped Hand)