Gal Gadot offers brief update on Wonder Woman 3

It seems as though we’re going to have quite a wait before we’ll get to see Wonder Woman 3.

In a new interview with InStyle, Gadot did offer a brief update on Wonder Woman 3.

We’re developing the script right now. We’ll probably start in a year and a half or so.

That places filming in the summer of 2023, meaning we’re looking at a release in 2024 at the earliest.

Not much is known about the film as of yet other than Patty Jenkins will return to direct and Gadot will again suit up as the Amazonian Princess. Lynda Carter will also return for the movie, reprising her role as Asteria from the Wonder Woman 1984 mid-credits scene.

The Wonder Woman 3 schedule has been in flux a bit as Jenkins had multiple other projects in the pipeline. The director recently delayed directing Star Wars: Rogue Squadron indifferently as she tries to make some schedule adjustments.

It is believed that Wonder Woman 3 will see the story take place in the modern-day, but we’ll have to wait and see what the final plans end up being. Another year and a half is a lot of time for plans to change.