Glasgow prepping for Batgirl location filming

Batgirl - Clapboard - Featured - 01

Glasgow, Scotland is being slowly converted into Gotham City for use in the Batgirl.

It seems that Glasgow has become a popular location for films looking to film exteriors for Gotham City. The Batman used the city, as did The Flash, and now it’s time for Batgirl to do the same.

Craig Williams has been going around the city getting some photos of the prep work ahead of the actual filming. Things started off simply with a new restaurant appearing.

But then things stepped up as more work began. Lots of prep work is going into getting the city to look a bit more like Gotham City.

With changes happening all around the area.

It looks as though filming on some of these sets will be taking place beginning the week of Jan. 10. Additional shoots are scheduled for Jan. 21 and 22. As with any time a film heads outside for exterior shooting there are sure to be set photos. It doesn’t however, guarantee we will see the Batgirl Batsuit, or Michael Keaton. We are sure to see some interesting things, but do keep expectations in check.

Batgirl is set to be released on HBO Max some time in 2022.

Thank you to Craig Williams for the permission to run his photos.