Batgirl set photos reveal the logo and more

New Batgirl set photos are already showing the logo for the film as well as some easter eggs.

First up, as shooting went on during the night on Wednesday, crew chairs gave us our first look at the Batgirl logo. (Please do note the final image in this story contains a possible cameo spoiler, so do not read further if you do not wish to be spoiled.)

In story news, the time of year has been pretty firmly established by the addition of a German-style Christmas market.

Vehicles on the set have also been displaying a website address for, but the site does not appear to be active as of yet.

Leslie Grace has been spotted on set several times, but she has been in GCPD t-shirts and jeans so far, and no sign of a Batgirl costume as of yet.

One thing that has popped up multiple times now are posters for what appears to be an album by Black Canary. One was spotted on a wall, another has been seen inside a store set.

There are rumors that Jurnee Smollett wiill appear in the film, but that has not been confirmed as of yet.

Batgirl is continuing to film in Glasgow, and a 2022 release on HBO Max appear to be the current release target.