No, Joker is not on the loose in Missouri

Missourians embarking on their evening commute Tuesday night received an alert on their phones from The Missouri State Highway Patrol. Typical, right? Why are we telling you about it? Well, the emergency message instructed drivers to be on the lookout for a vehicle that should be quite recognizable to any fan of 1989’s BATMAN.

Of course, there is no “Gotham City, MO” and combining that with the description of a green and purple automobile… even your grandmother who shouldn’t even be behind the wheel anymore (but kudos to her for being able to operate a smartphone) got the joke. Thankfully, though, it wasn’t a hack of the emergency system. Nor was it true that The Joker had somehow escaped into our reality (But could you imagine how much worse 2022 would be than 2021 or 2020 if the case– WAIT DO NOT IMAGINE THAT). No, the message was simply a test that accidentally went out to the public. Oops. Butterfingers.

Nevertheless, we here at Batman News are impressed that the message from Missouri State Highway Patrol was so film accurate! The purple and green 1978 Dodge 3700GT is indeed the car driven by Joker’s goons in BATMAN. So, while they might not have tested their emergency system right, gosh darn it they nailed the movie reference.