Batgirl set photos give additional glimpses of the suit

Batgirl - Clapboard - Featured - 01

New Batgirl set photos have given us more looks a the costume as well as Barbara Gordon’s motorcycle.

As we suspected, the release of an official photo is always a sign that outdoor filming is about to happen with the costume involved. The first photo shows Batgirl with what appears to be some form of night vision goggles on.

And more images from the same scene.

As well as some video of the scene.

Also spotted on set is Barbara Gordon’s motorcycle. No word as of yet if it’s the same one she uses while acting as Batgirl, but in her civilian life this is confirmed to be hers.

Filming on Batgirl continues in Glasgow throughout this week. Still no word on a potential release date for the film on HBO Max, but it has been confirmed to be a theatrical release in some territories.