The Batman runtime confirmed to be nearly three hours

The Batman 2022 - Trailer 2 - 01

UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed with sources inside Warner Bros. that The Batman runs 2 hours and 55 minutes with about eight minutes of credits.

Original story follows below

More and more sources are starting to list The Batman runtime as nearly three hours, but it hasn’t come from Warner Bros. as of yet.

IMDB – which is a notoriously shaky source due to anyone being able to edit it – has been listing the runtime of The Batman as 2 hours and 55 minutes for some time now. Now that runtime has been backed up from two additional sources.

The IMAX Melbourne website is now listing The Batman at 176 minutes, which breaks down to 2 hours and 56 minutes. Now, Vertical Entertainment in Czechoslovakia is also coming in with the same runtime of 176 minutes. There is a chance they are pulling the info from IMDB, but the one-minute difference makes us think that isn’t the case.

Should 176 minutes end up being the run time, it will become the longest Batman movie, exceeding the 165 minute run time of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight would come in third with 152 minutes.

With right around six weeks left until the film’s release, we’re sure Warner Bros. will be making the runtime official in the near future.

Joining Robert Pattinson in The Batman will be Paul Dano (The Riddler), Zoe Kravitz (Catwoman), Colin Farrell (The Penguin), John Turturro (Carmine Falcone), Jeffrey Wright (James Gordon), Andy Serkis (Alfred Pennyworth), and more. Matt Reeves serves as both writer and director.

The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on March 4, 2022, and will arrive on HBO Max on April 19, 2022.