Batgirl set photos and video show off more action

Batgirl - First official photo - Featured - 01
Warner Bros.

New Batgirl set photos and videos show a lot of new work going on for the film including some stunt double work and Batgirl getting the truth out of someone.

First up, some new shots of Leslie Grace in the costume that shows off more details than we’ve seen before.

Then some shots of a stunt double spending some time on the roof of a building scoping out something down in below.

As well as some video from this sequence.

A video has also appeared showing Batgirl interrogating someone while holding them out a window. For fun movie magic, note the crew in the windows above dropping snow on to them while they film.

We’ve listened to this video several times, and it sounds like she says:

You killed an innocent woman.

He killed an innocent woman, and you covered it up. You let him do it.

Filming on Batgirl continues in Glasgow throughout this week. Still no word on a potential release date for the film on HBO Max, but it has been confirmed to be a theatrical release in some territories.