Medicom announces MAFEX Nightwing Hush figure

Medicom has announced a new addition to its MAFEX line, Nightwing from the much-beloved Hush storyline.

Based on the Hush version of Nightwing, this new MAFEX figure will stand at approximately 6-inches tall and will include multiple portraits, batons, interchangeable hands, and more.

Nightwing is the latest addition MAFEX release in this line, joining Batman, Superman, Catwoman, Hush, Joker, Harley QuinnBatman Jumpsuit, and The Huntress.

Preorders are live in Japan and the figure is selling for ¥9,680 (approx. $85 USD) with delivery expected in the fourth quarter of 2022. Just how far will they take this Hush line? We’re here for it.