Batgirl set photos show off J.K. Simmons as Jim Gordon

Batgirl - Clapboard - Featured - 01

Filming is continuing in Glasgow, and that means more Batgirl set photos.

First up, J.K. Simmons is officially on set as Commissioner Gordon. Also, a few Gotham City taxis are in the area.

And some additional photos. It appears this may be a flashback as that is reportedly a younger version of Barbara with him.

And moving on to some stunt filming, the Gordon’s townhouse seems as though it will be the center of at least one explosion. We’re assuming that Firefly somehow tracks down Batgirl, or perhaps he just wants to scare the Police Commissioner.

Michael Keaton is expected on set sometime this month, but no word as of yet if he will have any exterior shooting to do.

Filming on Batgirl continues in Glasgow with more locations coming up. Still no word on a potential release date for the film on HBO Max, but it has been confirmed to be a theatrical release in some territories.