Help the Caped Crusader solve crimes in the all-ages graphic novel Batman’s Mystery Casebook, coming this August

Who among us hasn’t wanted to fight crime alongside Batman?

Liars, that’s who.  It’s almost a childhood rite of passage to imagine yourself teaming up with your favorite superheroes, whether it’s to swing across rooftops with Spider-Man, fly through the sky with Superman, or solve the latest puzzle from the Riddler with Batman.

And if you still daydream about that as an adult, well… you’re not alone, I assure you.

That’s the wonder of comics themselves, as they transport us to a fantastical world so we can be immersed in the adventures of the world’s greatest fictional heroes.  Bonus points if the comic in question lets you interact with the story itself, much like this August’s Batman’s Mystery Casebook.

The all-ages original graphic novel comes to us from Sholly Fisch– who is one of the absolute best writers of all-ages content, and whose name makes a comic an automatic buy in my book– and artist Christopher Uminga, and it leans into Batman’s penchant for working alongside partners and other heroes to take on crime.  You’ll have the chance to join Batman, Robin, and Batgirl as they solve various mysteries, and the book will allow readers to analyze crime scenes, go over evidence, and see if they can crack the case before the Dark Knight.  It sounds positively delightful, and has some bright, engaging artwork, so check out the details and sneak preview below.

Per DC:

Sholly Fisch and Christopher Uminga Team Up for DC’s
“Batman’s Mystery Casebook” Graphic Novel!

Look for clues! Solve riddles! Analyze evidence! Learn Gotham City history!

Have you ever needed help solving a mystery? Batman has!

Batman is a great detective, but he rarely works alone. His sidekicks Robin and Batgirl, his butler Alfred, and the police of Gotham City all play a role in helping him keep his city safe. In DC’s upcoming Batman’s Mystery Casebook graphic novel by Sholly Fisch and Christopher Uminga, you can help keep Gotham City safe, too! Look for clues! Analyze evidence! Solve riddles! Learn Gotham City history!

How good are your detective skills? Did you know that no two fingerprints are the same? Help the Batman as he goes on his adventures and see if you can spot the answers to these mysteries before he logs them into his casebook. Then, like Robin and Batgirl, try one of his crime-fighting techniques to help solve a mystery. You could study shoe prints to determine who tracked mud all through the kitchen, or take fingerprints to find the cookie-eating culprit! (It’s probably your little brother.)

Batman’s Mystery Casebook will hit comic shops and digital retailers on August 30.