Electric Batmobile replica is ready to patrol Gotham City

Batman is already the master of stealth, but it seems he could be even stealthier if he used this new electric Batmobile.

Nguyen Dac Chung is a 23-year-old graduate from the University of Architecture, Hanoi, has achieved his dream of building a Batmobile. The founder of Marcos Studios, a cosplay store in Vietnam, said via a statement, “As a kid, I was a fan of superheroes, especially Batman. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to build a Batmobile. All of them. From the Adam West’s to Christian Bale’s.”

As to why he decided to go this far with the project, Nguyen said, “While other cosplay businesses focus on costumes and accessories, I wanted to take things to the next level and completely blow people’s minds.”

The Batmobile is on display at the Van Daryl gallery in the Phu My Hung neighborhood in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.