The Batman post-credits scene is hidden on Rataalada

Rataalada Question Mark - Featured - 01

Yes, The Batman post-credits scene does exist, but you need to head to the Rataalada and solve some riddles to get to it.

Please note there are spoilers for The Batman from here on out.

At the end of The Batman you get a final message of “Good-Bye?” from the Riddler followed by a mention of If you currently head to the website you’re going to be presented with some questions.

“I Am First A Fraud Or A Trick. Or Perhaps A Blend Of The Two”

“What Was New, Is New Again”

“Fear He Who Hides Behind One”

If you get stumped for answers, we’ll put them at the bottom of the post.

Once you answer the questions you are rewarded with a video.

The video is a campaign ad for Thomas Wayne when he ran for mayor. At 15 seconds you see “HUSH!” written on the screen. At 19 seconds you see “THE TRUTH ABOUT GOTHAM.” The Riddler’s question mark then shows up at the end at 30 seconds.

Coupled with the Easter Egg in the film, is this another clue that Matt Reeves plans to use Hush as a villain in the second film? A sequel hasn’t been officially announced as of yet, but we know Matt Reeves is working on developing it. We’ll just have to wait and see what he has planned.

And as to the answers to the riddles? “Confusion,” “Renewal,” and “Mask” are the answers.