The Batman: Gotham Police spinoff evolves into Arkham series

It would seem some of the plans for spinoffs from The Batman on HBO Max aren’t set in stone quite yet.

Way back in July 2020 we received the first word that there would be a Gotham Police spinoff from The Batman. Since then we’ve heard bits and pieces about work moving forward on it, but no concrete details.

Last week we heard the first rumblings of a potential third spinoff series – the Penguin series being the second – that would be centered around Arkham Asylum. Thanks to a new interview with Matt Reeves, it seems that the Gotham Police series evolved into the Arkham series, and the latter will be what we see on HBO Max.

“The GCDP thing, that story has story has kinda evolved,” Reeves told the Cyber Nerds podcast. We’ve actually now [moved] more into the realm of exactly what would happen in the world of Arkham as it relates coming off of our movie, and some of the characters – almost leaning into the idea of – it’s like a horror movie or a haunted house that is Arkham.”

“The idea, again the way that Gotham is a character in the movie, I really want Arkham to exist as a character. You go into this environment and encounter these characters in a way that feels really fresh,” Reeves continued. And so in our work on Gotham, that story started to evolve, and it started feeling, ‘Wait, we should really lean into this.’ And then that’s kinda where that’s gone.”

No word as of yet as to when either the Penguin or Arkham series will debut on HBO Max.