The Batman wins a third weekend at the box office

It was a strong third outing for The Batman as the numbers only dropped 45% from its second weekend.

The Batman took in a healthy $36.8 million this weekend for a new domestic total of $300.09 million and current projections have it finishing its domestic run at around $400 million.

The international markets took in $49.1 million for a new foreign total of $298 million. This brings the global total to $598.09 million. Current analyst projections have the film ending its global run somewhere around $850 million. Off of an estimated $200 million budget, it’s a good return and a sequel announcement seems like only a matter of time.

This week does bring its first major competition in the form of Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in Lost City. Analysts are predicting it will take the top spot from The Batman.