The Batman deleted Joker scene released

Warner Bros. has released a deleted scene from The Batman showing a meeting between Barry Keoghan’s “Arkham Inmate” and Batman.

Using the website, a deleted scene showing Batman meeting with an unnamed Arkham inmate has been released. While no name is given, it doesn’t take a detective of Batman’s level to figure out this is the Joker.

The Batman | Deleted Arkham Scene from Matt Reeves on Vimeo.

Matt Reeves has said in multiple interviews that this person is not yet “the Joker” as we know him from the comics, but is a proto version of the character.

Throughout the scene, he is kept out of focus, and once he is more clearly seen, we never see his entire face at once. What is clear is he is heavily scarred, and his hair is patchy, but it is green. The laugh is definitely already in place, however.

What the plans are for this unnamed inmate going forward is unknown. It feels from Reeves’ comments that he won’t be the main villain of a second film, but that his presence will be undeniable. From many of his comments, it would seem the director is planning that we will just continue to build to him becoming the villain everyone knows.

The Batman</em< is currently playing in theaters.