Prime 1 Studio announces a Bloodsport statue from The Suicide Squad

Prime 1 Studio is back with a new Bloodsport statue from The Suicide Squad.

The new 1/3 scale statue stands over 28-inches tall. It will also include a miniature version of Starro that you can display separately. Preorder and shipment details are pending.

“No one likes a show-off. (Unless what they’re showing off is dope as f***!) F***. That’s true.”

-Bloodsport to Peacemaker

Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway are happy to present a sharp addition to the 1:3 Scale Museum Masterline Series: MMTSS-03S BLOODSPORT BONUS VERSION from THE SUICIDE SQUAD!

At over 28 inches tall, Robert Dubois is cunning and sleek in this newest release from Prime 1 Studio. In collaboration with Blitzway, Prime 1 Studio is proud to reveal our version of Bloodsport from this year’s highly successful film. Bloodsport is shown sporting his incredibly high-tech suit as he expertly wears it in the movie.

Bloodsport’s costume is chock full of intricate detailing in his armor plates, bulletproof undersuit, and the weapons caches he has stored all over his body. The statue comes with different display features: you can switch between his helmeted look, featuring a threatening glossy visor and skeletal teeth, to another look where he shows off his incredible portrait while holding his helmet in his right arm. You can also swap both of his hands to be closed or hold the multi-barrel pistols. He stands on a base excitingly reminiscent of the Jotunheim tower that he and the rest of his team broke into!

When you purchase the Bonus Version of Bloodsport at the official Prime 1 Studio online store or any other authorized distributors, you will get a Bonus statue of Mini Starro, unique to this statue, on a tiny base!

Most of all, Bloodsport looks perfect next to MMTSS-01S: Harley Quinn & MMTSS-02S: Peacemaker! And he is ready to sign up for your team as soon as you take a second to pre-order him!

Product Specifications

  • Statue Size approximately 28 inches tall [H:71.4cm W:34.3cm D:34.3cm]
  • The Suicide Squad-themed base
  • Two (2) Swappable Heads
  • Two (2) Swappable Right Arms
  • Two (2) pairs of swappable hands (Closed Fist or Multi-Barrel Pistols)
  • One (1) Mini Starro on Base [BONUS PART]