Batman X Spyscape interactive experience coming to New York City

Batman X Skyscape - Logo - Featured - 01

Batman fans better prepare yourselves as the Caped Crusader is going to need your help this summer in the Batman X Spyscape interactive experience.

Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment, DC, and SPYSCAPE are teaming up this summer for the Batman X Spyscape. The new immersive installation will take fans on a top-secret mission to infiltrate an underworld organization, Leviathan, whose goal is to disrupt the Super Hero and Super-Villain communities. Fans become recruits and the eyes and ears for the World’s Greatest Detective, Batman, and are enlisted by the mysterious Oracle, an alternate identity of Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), to help solve some mysterious kidnappings.

The adventure plays out in an immersive physical world of rich media and interactivity enhanced by a real time / real world mobile app. This approach allows fans to participate in the physical experience, while gathering intel and communicating with some of Gotham City’s most compelling characters through the app, for a unique and elevated experience.

The story is written by Gail Simone and will feature art by Jim Calafiore.

Fans can head to to sign up for alerts about updates to the event.