Warner Bros Discovery reportedly looking to overhaul DC Entertainment

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Warner Bros Discovery

In a new report, Warner Bros. Discovery is actively looking into overhauling DC Entertainment and analyzing just what the brand needs.

Speaking with multiple sources, Variety is reporting that an overhaul of DC Entertainment is in the cards for Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav. The sources say that the viewpoint is that DC Entertainment is lacking a coherent creative and brand strategy, and that the hunt is on for someone similar to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to oversee future plans.

Emma Watts – formerly of 20th Century Studios and Paramount Pictures – was reportedly interviewed for the position, but is not expected to take the role. The sources are saying that Zaslav is more interested in someone with a business background as opposed to a creative guru. But they do agree that the newly minted CEO sees DC as a major component in the success of the merger.

Reportedly high on the priority list is a revitalization of Superman as well as more dives into films such as Joker.

Our assumption would be that any project that is currently in any stage of production is more than likely safe to continue forward as these changes will take some time to be worked out. But we think moving forward we’ll see a lot more synergy between the film and television side of things, which is already happening with projects such as The Penguin and Peacemaker.

Who will ultimately end up heading DC Entertainment is anyone’s guess, but it definitely appears that the search is on.