Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins offer update on Wonder Woman 3

Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins have offered a very minor update on the status of their third Wonder Woman collaboration.

Speaking with Forbes in support of her new macaroni & cheese company, Goodles, Gadot shared that Patty Jenkins was actually present during her phone conversation with the interviewer. Jenkins thanked the author for his kind words about the past two films and said, “We can’t wait to get the next [Wonder Woman] movie out, too.”

Gadot hastened to add, “We’re talking! We’re actually in the mix of working on the script and getting the third one made, so it’s all wheels are working and turning and I’m super, super excited for the fans to come and watch Wonder Woman 3 once it’s made.”

As it stands right now, it’s still unclear when Wonder Woman 3 will go into production. Jenkin’s schedule has loosened up somewhat with her Star Wars: Rogue Squadron film having been put on hold. Gadot still has the new Cleopatra film on her schedule, however.

We imagine that more information will be forthcoming before the end of the year as DC begins to release more of the films that have been on its slate.