Upcoming Comics: April 26, 2022

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Well, this is the week we’ve been waiting for – and by “we”, I mean “no one, really”. I have seen next to no hype for The Death of the Justice League – but I HAVE read the book, and plan to get a review up sooner rather than later. You should also expect a recap review on Infinite Frontier and Justice League Incarnate.

In personal news, I’m actually going to see Morbius and Sonic 2 after this article goes up, so feel free to talk with me about them in the comments! Now, here’s what we have for this week:

Upcoming Comics

Justice League #75

Oversize special issue! Superstar writer Joshua Williamson pens the beginning of the next big DCU event! It all starts here! A new Dark Army made up of the DCU’s greatest villains has formed on the edges of the Multiverse! The DCU’s best and most powerful heroes are pulled together in an epic war to push the darkness back! But in the end, they are no match for it! That’s right, you heard it here first: the Justice League are killed by the Dark Army, with only one survivor to warn the remaining heroes of Earth about what is coming for them! FINAL ISSUE!

Written by by Joshua Williamson
Pencils by Rafa Sandoval
Inks by Jordi Tarragona
Colours by Alejandro Sanchez
Cover Art by Daniel Sampere, Alejandro Sanchez and Will Jack

Thoughts: Oh, don’t worry. I have thoughts. I’d say I’ll need a new book to whine about when this is over, but it looks like Dark Crisis has me covered.

Batman News Critic: Myself

Detective Comics #1059

Riddle me this…when is a criminal not a criminal? The answer awaits you in the start of a brand-new Detective Comics story arc from writer Mariko Tamaki, guest co-writer Nadia Shammas, and legendary artist Ivan Reis! The Riddler is back in Gotham City in a big way, becoming a media personality and using his newfound influence to wreak havoc on the Dark Knight. As Batman chases down clues to put an end to Riddler’s machinations, the clock ticks away for the citizens of Gotham whom Edward Nygma has placed in the line of fire… Then, in “Gotham Girl: Interrupted” part one, the super-powered Claire Clover returns to the city that helped ruin her life…to get psychiatric treatment at the new Arkham Tower. But when Gotham Girl’s newfound semblance of normalcy is rocked by a murder mystery, she finds someone unexpected at the heart of the crime…herself.

Written by Mariko Tamaki, Nadia Shammas and Sina Grace
Pencils by Ivan Reis and David Lapham
Inks by Danny Miki and David Lapham
Colours by Brad Anderson and Trish Mulvihill
Cover Art by Ivan Reis, Danny Miki and Brad Anderson

Thoughts: Riddler as a media influencer, huh? I mean, we have seen that on the big screen recently…

Batman News Critic: Matina

The Joker #14

FINAL ISSUE All the hunters converge on the Sampson estate as the brutal conclusion to the first “season” of The Joker is here! Bullets will fly, blood will be shed, and will James Gordon be forced to make the choice he’s been dreading since issue #1? Punchline Backup: Punchline walks free, and the Royal Flush Gang is desperate for a new queen. The underworld of Gotham City is going to change forever, and this last chapter of “Punchline” is only the beginning.

Written by James Tynion, Sam Johns and Alex Paknadel
Pencils by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Vasco Georgiev and Belén Ortega
Inks by Vasco Georgiev, Belén Ortega and Cam Smith
Colours by Alejandro Sanchez, Luis Guerrero, Rain Beredo and Arif Prianto
Cover Art by Arif Prianto and Guillem March

Thoughts: And with that, we’re finished with The Joker – at least for now! With Tynion stepping away from DC, it’s unclear where this story will go… all I know is, I’m not encouraged by the description of the final Punchline backup. “Only the beginning”? God damn it.

Batman News Critic: Matina

Robin #13

Robin and Ravager have caught up with Deathstroke and Respawn! Can they convince Deathstroke to turn himself in…or fight to the death? And what startling revelation does Robin learn that shocks this story to its core? Plus, Batman goes deep into the conspiracy behind Ra’s al Ghul’s death and discovers it’s bigger than he thought. He must call in backup…just not the backup you’d expect!

Written by Joshua Williamson
Pencils by Roger Cruz
Inks by Norm Rapmund
Colours by Luis Guerrero
Cover Art by Roger Cruz, Norm Rapmund and Luis Guerrero

Thoughts: Maybe this is unfair, but my excitement for this book has somewhat dropped now that Shadow War is in full swing.

Batman News Critic: Matina

Harley Quinn #14

I’m innocent, I tell ya! I might currently be stuck in Blackgate Penitentiary for multiple homicides thanks to a growing body of evidence that points right to me, Harley Quinn, as the murderer…but for once it was not Harley Quinn in the alley with the baseball bat. Someone’s obviously tryin’ to frame me, and I gotta figure out who and why if I wanna clear my name before I end up spendin’ the rest of my days behind bars with a buncha ladies who really don’t seem thrilled that I’m here. Not to mention I look terrible in orange…

Written by Stephanie Phillips 
Art by Riley Rossmo

Review will be covered in a trade release.

Dark Knights of Steel #6

Kingdoms are divided. Monarchs have fallen. Families have been torn apart. The Kingdom of Storms, the Amazons, and the Els are on the brink of all-out war. Can Constantine, Lois Lane, and Harley Quinn stop what’s coming? Or is the prophecy correct? Do Superman and his family have to die to save the world?

Written by Tom Taylor
Pencils and Inks by Yasmine Putri 
Colours by Yasmine Putri and Arif Prianto
Cover Art by Dan Mora

Thoughts: This series continues to be very tense and exciting! Tom Taylor really does enjoy Harley and Ivy – not that I blame him. He’s certainly one of the major people who pushed for open LGBT rep between the two of them.

Review will be covered in a trade release.

Batman: Beyond the White Knight #2

The humble beginnings of Terry McGinnis are revealed as Bruce Wayne becomes Gotham’s most wanted man! With the GTO on the case, does Captain Dick Grayson have what it takes to bring down his old mentor? It’s father versus son in the next chapter of this fan-favorite series! Plus, an unexpected ally from Bruce’s past could hold the key to saving the future. Harley Quinn is back and ready to knock you out! Go beyond the Gotham you know to discover an engrossing new take on the city and its heroes. Welcome to Neo-Gotham and the world of Beyond the White Knight!

Written by Sean Gordon Murphy
Pencils and Inks by Sean Gordon Murphy
Colours by Dave Stewart
Cover Art by Sean Gordon Murphy and Dave Stewart

Thoughts: If you have nothing nice to say, yada-yada. I’ve heard Bruce and Harley are supposed to have something going on in this book, but I don’t know if I can see it.

Batman News Critic: Jeremy

Beyond the Bat

Welcome to Beyond the Bat! Here you can see everything else that DC is releasing this week, beyond the scope of the books we cover on the website.


Most Excited: The Joker #14. Screw it, the series has been insane, and I’m interested to see if they wrap it up in an insane way!

Least Excited: Justice League #75… well, let’s see how it goes.

Wild Card: Robin #13. It’s a good book, it’s just a matter of if it can keep me entertained despite being part of an event I have no interest in.

Best wishes, and see you in the reviews!


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