Viola Davis reportedly in talks for an Amanda Waller series at HBO Max

It seems that The Wall may be coming to HBO Max as Viola Davis is reportedly in talks for an Amanda Waller series.

According to a report from Deadline, Viola Davis is in talks to star in and executive produce an Amanda Waller series at HBO Max. Christal Henry (Watchmen) is set to write and executive produce the series which will be pe made by Warner Bros. TV.

James Gunn has been saying for some time that another spinoff from The Suicide Squad was in the works, but wouldn’t reveal what character it centered on. He said that the series would be “connected to this universe,” but it “won’t be as much a comedy as Peacemaker.”

Davis has played Waller in both Suicide Squad movies as well as in two episodes of Peacemaker. There’s no indication as of yet as to what part of her life the series would focus on, but she has not been explored to great extent in live-action TV or movies. In the comics and various animated series she is involved in multiple black-ops situations, so there is plenty for a HBO Max series to explore.

No word as of yet on a title or a timeframe for release.